Launch of the National Judiciary Specialised Supply & Tenders Board (NJSTB)

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It was another milestone for the Judicial service of Papua New Guinea, as they officially launched the National Judiciary Specialised Supply and Tenders Board (NJSTB). The low key presentation was witnessed by the Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea Chief Sir Salamo Injia, Acting Secretary for Finance Dr. Ken Ngangan, Chief Magistrate Ms. Nerrie Eliakim, members of the Judiciary and representatives from the Departments of Finance, National Planning and the National Judicial Staff Service.

It was an achievement for the Judiciary to have its own supply and tenders board established as it signified the importance of the Judiciary’s independence from other government agencies. The new board will assist in the procurement of goods and services that will enable the judicial service to effectively perform its duties and functions around the country. The board has a composition of members from Judiciary, senior personnel within the National Judicial Staff Service (NJSS) and two representatives each from the Departments of National Planning and Finance.

While speaking at the official launch of the NJSTB, Acting Secretary for Finance Dr. Ngangan congratulated the Judiciary on the occasion and said that special consideration was given to the request by the Judiciary based on its reasons of merit and the Minister has given the approval for its establishment.

“Given the facts that the Judiciary is expanding and the number of cases that are now before the courts and the expansion of the courts to the provinces and districts, we saw it necessary to facilitate the effective delivery of judicial services that it not be constraint by the cumber sent procurement of the procurement system itself.” said Dr Ngangan.

He further reiterated that under the Public Finances Management Act whilst the creation of the specialised supply and tenders board is there to facilitate for procurement of services ranging between K500, 000 and K3 million, anything above K3 million will be submitted to the Centralised Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) for approval. Dr. Ngangan also stated that the Department of Finance and CSTB also will be monitoring and conduct compliance checks when annual reports are submitted to each department respectively.

Before officially launching the National Judiciary Specialised Supply and Tenders Board, the Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea Chief Sir Salamo Injia stated that back in 2009 the Judiciary had anticipated growth in terms of the improvement of the delivery of the judiciary’s core functions.

“Such growth would not take place without the support of the support services that are available within the Judiciary and the Judiciary is considering different avenues to strengthen the support services which in turn will assist Judges to deliver on their core functions. One of those measures was to introduce a Specialised Supply and Tenders Board within the Judiciary that is similar to those existing boards of other government agencies.” said the Chief Justice Chief Sir Salamo Injia.

The Chief Justice further stated that the creation of this specialised tenders board will enable for the purpose of the board to provide due consideration to the special requirements for such services within the Judiciary and secondly to fast track the procurement of services for its many medium sized initiatives within the Judiciary.

The launch of the NJSTB was officially made by the Chief Justice when he handed over the documents and the Section 169 Issue of Determination to the chairman of the National Judiciary Specialised Supply and Tenders Board Hon. Justice Ellenas V. Batari. The NJSTB board conducted its inaugural meeting after all the official presentation and launch formalities had concluded.