Judicial Administration

The National Judicial System is the judicial arm of the Government of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and is established by the Constitution, various Organic Laws and enabling Acts of Parliament. The other two "arms of Government" under the Constitution are the Legislature and the Executive. 

The National Judicial System consists of the following:

  1. The Supreme Court of Justice;
  2. The National Court of Justice;
  3. Other Courts established under Section 172 of the Constitution, including the entire District Courts and Local Courts, Military Courts, Taxation Courts, Coronial Courts, Mining Warden Courts, land Courts, Traffic Courts, Committal Courts, Grade five courts, etc.

In order for the National Judicial System to effectively plan and exercise the people's judicial powers and functions, it held a number of strategic planning workshops and retreats involving the judges and the management of National Judicial Staff Service. From those retreats and planning sessions, the National Judicial System Mission Statement, Core Values, Goals, strategies were designed, developed and adopted.

National Judicial System Mission Statement

"To provide equal access to an independent, fair and just judicial services to all people"

Non-Judicial Administration

The Constitution gives to the Chief Justice the responsibility over the administration of the affairs of the Supreme Court and National Court. A body called the National Judicial Staff Services (NJSS) was established by the National Judicial Staff Services Act 1987 to provide staff and other support services for the courts in the National Judicial System.

The fund of the Supreme and National Court are given by seperate appropriate of Parliament, and is managed by the NJSS under the control of the Chief Justice. The NJSS looks after the court buildings and institutional houses of the judiciary. Services such as provision of secretarial and clerical staff, library, research, legal, security, office vehicle and constitutional office-holders and minisiters of State

The National Judicial Staff Service has designed their mission statement consistent with the principle mission of the National Judicial System.

National Judicial Staff Service Mission Statement

"To administer and manage the court's resources in such a way as to ensure that the provision of justice 
through the courts is dispensed efficiently, effectively, fairly and in a timely manner."