The National and Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea is composed of the Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice and 34 Judges

The Chief Justice

1.        The Honourable Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Kt GCL - Port Moresby

The Deputy Chief Justice

2.        The Honourable Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, KBE CSM OBE - Port Moresby

The Judges of the Supreme & National Court

3. Justice Nicholas Kirriwom, CMG Wewak
4. Justice Les Gavara-Nanu, OBE CSM          Port Moresby
5. Justice Ambeng Kandakasi, CBE Port Moresby
6. Justice Ellenas V Batari, MBE CSM Kimbe
7. Justice Panuel Mogish, CSM  Port Moresby
8. Justice David Cannings, CBE Madang
9. Justice George Manuhu, CSM Port Moresby
10. Justice Allen Kingsley David Port Moresby
11. Justice Derek Hartshorn, ML Port Moresby
12. Justice Collin Makail Port Moresby
13. Justice Joseph Yagi Goroka
14. Justice Ere Kariko, MBE Port Moresby
15. Justice Stephen Kassman Mendi
16. Justice Jacinta Murray Lae
17. Justice Berna Joan Collier Port Moresby
18. Justice John Alexander Logan, RFD Port Moresby
19. Justice Iova Geita Wewak
20. Justice Lawrence Kangwia, ML Kavieng
21. Justice Peter Toliken Alotau
22. Justice Sir Kina Bona Buka
23. Justice Terence Higgins, AO QC Kokopo
24. Justice Kenneth Frank Mt. Hagen
25. Justice Frazer Pitpit Lae
26. Justice Hitelai Polume-Kiele Port Moresby
27. Justice Leka Nablu Port Moresby
28. Justice Robert Lee Lindsay Mt. Hagen
29. Justice William Neil Goroka
30. Justice Terence Foulds Mt. Hagen
31. Justice Jeffrey Shephard  Port Moresby
32. Justice Danajo Koeget Daru
33. Justice Thomas Anis Kokopo
34. Justice Ravunama Auka Wabag
35. Justice Daniel Liosi Kundiawa
36. Justice Jim Wala Tamate Port Moresby
37. Justice Oagile Bethuel Dingake Port Moresby
38. Acting Justice Nicholas Miviri Kimbe
39. Acting Justice David Susame Kokopo
40. Acting Justice Sinclair Gora Wewak
41. Acting Justice John Kaumi Lae
42. Acting Justice John Numapo Lae


Federal Court Judges who are present only for Supreme Court week

1.Justice Berna Collier

2.Justice John Logan, RFD