The administration of the courts especially the National and Supreme courts is a challenging thing. The Chief Justice is the principal administrator of the court. Since he could not do everything himself he appointed other judges to be in charge of certain areas of administration. In order to share responsibility and effectively administer the courts, the Chief Justice, in consultation with the other judges, divided the courts into tracks. Each court track has a judge as an administrator. Under the judge you have the registrar, deputy registrars, assistant registrars and then followed by the rest of court registry officers.

Here at Waigani, the Supreme Court has only one track whereas the National Court has a number of tracks. The Judge administrator of the Supreme Court is the Chief Justice himself.   The National Court tracks are Court Track 1, Court Track 2, Court Track 3, Commercial Track, Human Rights Track, Appeals & Review Track, Civil General Track, Crimes Track, ADR Track and Election Petitions Track.

Court Tracks under Equity

Each of the of the above National Court tracks falls under one of the three main categories. The three main categories are: Common law, Equity and ADR. Each of the three categories is headed by an Assistant Registrar.

Human Rights, Appeals & Review, Commercial and Election Petition tracks come under Equity. Each of these tracks is further headed by a track leader and then followed by ordinary officers.

Officers of the Equity section

The Equity section is currently headed by the Assistant Registrar Mr. David Gonol. Under him are track leaders such as Ms Sarah Wesley for Commercial Track, Mr. Heny Mea for Human Rights Track, Mr. Alan Paniu for Appeals & Judicial Review, and Ms. Kini Raimo for Election Petition Track.


Mr. David Gonol : Equity Division Assistant Registrar

National Court
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