Civil Court 4 track is the fourth track set up under the Common Law Division. This new track was set up at the beginning of this year (2013) due to:

  • The large volume of cases we have already allocated to civil court tracks1, 2, and 3 including fresh cases over the past two years apart from the older cases being distributed to them.
  • The number of cases now allocated to them being considered to be more than adequate for the track court to manage and deal with
  • More cases being registered due to people being aware of their legal position to bring matters to the courts and thereby likely to cause situation of cases not being properly managed

The existing three common law division tracks have been allocated cases to a level that is beyond manageable level in each of the track and therefore the need to set another one and allocate cases to that track.

Staff and Track Judge

The track has been allocated to Honourable Justice Bernard Sakora as the Track Judge. In the registry, for now one staff will look after the cases while in due course when all administrative arrangements are in place, we will get two more staff t assist this one officer. For now it will be Ms. Pepetua Bawai who will manage the track in the registry.

The supervising Assistant Registrar for this track is Mr. Baka Bina.

The associate to Honourable Justice Sakora is Mr. John Lelegi.

As it is a new track, not many cases have been allocated to it yet but as time goes by in the year, we hope to get more cases allocated to it.


Like all other court tracks, this track will have its own Listings – namely the Motions, Directions, Summary Determination, Trial and other lists can be developed as and when appropriate directions come from the Judge in-charge of the track.

Days of Motions and Directions

As a result of management decision and Judge manager level , the Common Law Division has organised itself in a way that directions and motions hearings are not done on the same day , thereby causing some inconveniences to parties, lawyers and ourselves here at the registry. It was decided that each track court deal with directions and motions on different days.

Consequently, for us, the Directions and motion days are as follows:

  • Directions Hearing day is each Friday of the first two or three weeks of the month.
  • The Motions Hearing days is each Thursday of the first two or three weeks of a month.

The demands of work in this track will not be high in the start of the year but it is hoped that it will pick up as the year goes by when more cases are being allocated to the track.

The officer assigned the track is capable persons. Your correspondences must be directed to her in the first instance once the parties know of their cases being allocated to this track. Alternatively they can be sent to the supervising Assistant Registrar.

We would like to ask all parties and their lawyers that once you become aware of your cases being allocated to this track, ensure to mention this fact on your correspondences -   indicating it is a track 4 matter or send them directly to the officer- Ms. Pepetua Bawai.

For now, the contact of the track officer is ph. 3245 720


If there are any suggestion you would like to make for us to consider in the improvement of services from your experiences with other tracks , kindly send them to Ms. Bawai or the Assistant Registrar, Mr. Baka Bina, the Deputy Registrar- Mr. Samuel Ikiso or the Registrar – Mr. Ian Augerea.

While we are and will do our best to serve you, we cannot satisfy everyone of our client. We ask that you appreciate our short comings and assist us to improve them by your suggestions. In that regard, your comments, criticism and suggestions will be seen positively.