Court Libraries open from 8:00am -4:00 pm daily from Monday to Friday. The Main Library is located in the Supreme & National Court Building in Waigani, National Capital District and Branch Libraries are located in Lae, Madang, Kimbe, Wabag, Mt Hagen and Goroka. 


The Main collection is located on the first & second floor of the Supreme Court Building in Waigani. It has a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary legal materials of all common law jurisdictions. Secondary legal materials are classified by Moy's classification and the primary legal materials are arranged alphabetically by jurisdiction. There is a library card catalogue located in the Library to assist in locating books in the Library.

Complementing the print collection is the electronic legal collection. This service will only be accessed in Waigani. The Access to Laws on CD are available in Waigani and the branch libraries.


The library's primary users are the Judges of the National and Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea, Magistrates of the District Courts & the Lower Courts, Registrars of the Courts, Judicial Support Staff. Secondary users are the members of legal profession who are registered members of the library and law firms


Primary users can borrow for an unlimited time while the secondary users can only use the materials in the Library and the Court Rooms and can not borrow out.

Library Membership

In order to use the Court Library and it's branch libraries, secondary users need to register by paying an annual membership fee of K50.00 paid on the 18th July every year. Bank Cheque be paid to National Court and addressed to : THE LIBRARIAN, NATIONAL COURT LIBRARY, PO BOX 7018, BOROKO. NCD. PNG.


The library prints and distributes current Supreme and National Court Judgments. An annual subscription fee of K500.0 is paid for civil and criminal judgments. Civil are K300.00 and criminal is K200.00.

Bank Cheques can be paid to the NATIONAL COURT and addressed to:THE LIBRARIAN, NATIONAL COURT LIBRARY, PO BOX 7018, BOROKO. NCD. PNG. Any queries relating to judgments should be directed to the following telephone numbers; 3245729 or 3245722.


A fee of .40t/page is charged for any photocopies done at the Library.

Contact Details for Main Library

The contact information is here.